Devo Add-Ons: The Book of James

Devo Add-Ons: The Book of James

Each week we will provide opportunities to practice spiritual disciplines that will promote spiritual growth in our individual lives and as a church family. We will dig deeper into God’s Word, spend time in prayer, reflect on what God is teaching us, spend time in worship, encourage one another, and find ways to serve others and reach the lost with the Gospel.
Follow the Weekly Plan (click each day for more details):
MONDAY | Meditate on God’s Word.

Every Monday, we encourage everyone to read through as much of the book of James as you are able.

TUESDAY | Listen to the Podcast.
(3/8/22) James 2:20
(2/22/22) James 1:19
(2/15/22) James 1:13-18
(2/8/22) James 1:2-4
WEDNESDAY | Spend time in Prayer.

Spend time praying today. A list of specific requests is available via email. To subscribe to receive the email, text TACHURCH to 22828.

THURSDAY | Reflection through Worship.

Spend time today in worship, reflecting on what God is doing in your life. Click here for a playlist of songs.

FRIDAY | Encourage others.

Spend time today encouraging others. Send a text, write a note, make a phone call. Let someone know you’re thinking of them! Show the love of Christ through your words and actions of care and support.

SATURDAY | Serve others.

Find a way, big or small, to serve others today, whether individually or as a family. Show the love of Christ through your actions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Pastor Jeff (609-704-1474) or reach us through the Contact Us form.